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A Past Look at Harrison County

  One of the most interesting things about our county is it's past. Below are just a handful of pictures and information that show what our county was. There are hundreds of pictures of Harrison County so please share so we can put them in a gallery on our website. Just email pictures and the information to the email address on this page.

The Cadiz Drive-In was located on US 250 south of town. It was opened on July 13, 1950, featuring “Without Reservations” starring Claudette Colbert and John Wayne. It had a parking ramp that held 300 cars, and Tallmadge Wilson was the theatre manager. Ross Compher and Chester Hall were the owners. In 1963 it was sold to new owners. Co-Operative Theatres of Ohio was the booking and buying agency.

The Cadiz Drive-In was closed at the end of 1984 and it is now used as an auto-parts yard.

Giffens had great homemade ice cream.

Three Bend Hill

Honor Roll/Courthouse

Camp Presmont Piedmont, Ohio

Market Street in Cadiz, Ohio

"Proudest Small Town" Plague in front of Courthouse

Coal Festival 

View of Cadiz

First church of Christ

The town of Tappan and then Tappan Lake being made. It is quite fascinating to know that a town was once where the lake is now.