Ourant School

Built in 1873, Ourant School is a renovated one room school house located off Deersville Ridge between Deersville and

Available for individual and group tours. 
Contact:  Tillie Heavilin at 942-3357.
Built in 1873, Ourant School is a one room school house that  was saved by alumni and renovated in the late 1990s.  The school is still  intact with original desks, central pot belly stove, slate black board  encompassing the entire rear wall, and outhouses.  Several events are held  at the school annually, including a cake walk, and Fall Festival.  But, the  highlight of the year takes place in the spring when each of the second grade  classes from the local elementary schools spend a day as students in a one room  school house and get a taste of life in the 1900s. 

The school is located on Ourant Road off Deersville Ridge in  Nottingham Township between Cadiz and Deersville.