New Rumley

 New Rumley was platted in 1813 by Jacob Custer, an uncle of the General.  Prior to the building of the railroad in 1856, New Rumley was the half-way point between Steubenville and New Philadelphia, and all stage coaches in both directions stopped there for the night.  In the late 1940s, the Ohio Historical Society erected a memorial to General George A. Armstrong in the center of the town.  The Custer Memorial Foundation oversees both the memorial and a museum that is housed in the former Methodist Church.  Several events are held in the town to commemorate the historical significance of the General.
Amenities:  General George A. Custer Memorial and Museum

 Annual FestivalCuster Day - 1st Saturday in June, Custer Birthday Celebration - 1st Saturday in December
:  New Rumley United Methodist Church